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To assist in your wedding/pork festivaling related activities, we have secured a camping space for those interested in a less refined post wedding reception. The space is just a few short moped/scooterable miles from the round barn. Please make sure to reserve camping spot when you RSVP.

Camping is currently a one night event beginning after the wedding reception at the round barn. (If you are interested in coming down Friday night for two nights of camping, just email us.)

  • What you should provide:
    • Potentially some additional beverages of your choice.
    • Your own camping supplies:
      tents, sleeping bags and such
      (Car camping is an option too)
  • What you can expect us to provide:
    • Bathroom facilities
    • Fire
    • A flat piece of ground relatively free of sharp pointy objects and angry wild animals
    • Transport to and from the campsite and the wedding
      (email us if interested, but carpooling and designated driving works in your favor.)
    • A ramp
      (for jumping things over aforementioned fire)
    • Other
      (live entertainment)

Camping site DirectionsFor directions to camping site. (If traveling via moped, we suggest staying clear of US 31.)

Camping site DirectionsFor Moped/Scooter friendly directions to wedding from camping site.

My lawyer has also informed me that it would at this point be sensible to mention that post reception camping is a PG13 rated event, and potentially not suited for our young viewers, or those unprepared to offer legitimate state identification when and if law enforcement officials arrive.


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